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Young Cattle Breeders Professional

The „young breeding professional“ was elaborated in cooperation with the Austrian Association of Young Breeders (ÖJV), Rural Young Austria (LJÖ) and the Federal Ministry for Agriculture and the Forestry Industry, the Environment and Water Industry (BMLFUW) and was launched in the autumn of 2008. The training includes eight modules with a total of 17 days of training.

The contents of the seminars comprise „general education“ (agricultural policy, rhetoric, the training of officials and PR work), „Special knowledge about cattle“ (breeding work, animal feeding, animal behaviour, etc.) and practical training (evaluation of conformation, judging, styling, animal exhibiting). National and international experts from the different specialist fields are available as trainers. The courses are aimed at youngsters at the age of 14 to 30 who are interested in agriculture in general and in cattle breeding in particular. To date, 167 young participants were able to complete this training and may now officially call themselves „young breeding professionals“. Within the course of this project, more than 610 young breeders were trained in the year 2013 in 19 seminars. Within the course of the concluding events in Maishofen, Freistadt and Greinbach, the participants demonstrated their excellent skills in the fields of judging, animal styling and animal exhibiting and in the following they received their final certificates. For the newly trained young breeding professionals, the highlight was their trip at the beginning of November 2013 to Brussels. They had the opportunity to listen to a talk by DI Andrä Rupprechter, and the member of the EU-parliament, Elisabeth Köstinger. The journey was also put to use to discuss the new agricultural policy 2014 to 2020 and its ramifications for the domestic cattle and milk industry. On another occasion in 2013 the project week „young breeder professional-compact“ took place at the regional Agricultural Schools in Schlägl. Interested students from all over Austria selected this main theme and within a week they were presented with selected topics from the young breeder profile training programme.

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