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Young Cattle Breeders Professional

The aim of ZAR's training projects is, on the one hand, to introduce young people to the subject of cattle breeding and, on the other, to present various developments in cattle breeding and cattle farming to interested farmers.

Young Professional Breeders has been a successful project for ten years now. The project kicked off in November 2008 at the Agricultural College, Freistadt, Upper Austria. The education season from the autumn started with new content, a new concept and a completely revised design. Overall, the training program now includes ten instead of the previous eight modules. The modules Feeding & Animal Health, Product Quality, Farm Management, Breeding and Rearing in Practice are organized according to the specific production categories milk, beef or suckler cow husbandry. This separation offers the participants the opportunity to develop further their own specific subject suited to their own business interests.

Success reaffirms the Young Professional Breeders concept every year. Therefore, there are now about 300 young breeders scattered throughout Austria. In addition to the technical inputs of the courses, fun, the community and company visits give valuable insight into the different available production philosophies. Convince yourself about this training, as it will start again in the autumn! Information is available at

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Johanna Prodinger, BEd.
Phone: +43 1 3341721-15
Mobil: +43 664 60259 12004