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OptiGene (2011 - 2015)

Project to optimise breeding goals and programmes

The OptiGene project was launched in December 2011 to optimise long-term developments in the breeding of Austrian cattle breeds with special consideration to health and genomic selection. Apart from optimising the breeding goals and optimising the breeding programmes, the goal is to improve the calculation of the overall merit index and
to integrate methods for the consideration of incest in breeding in the best possible way. An extensive survey was carried out among breeders in 2012 to align the breeding goals towards the needs and demands of breeders.

The first adjustments of the breeding programmes for Simmentals and Braunvieh have been carried out while making use of the possibilities of genomic selection. The project will run until the end of May 2015.
The ZAR sponsors this project. The project is run as a cooperation between ZuchtData, the University of Soil Culture and the breed working committees.