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Genomic selection

Genomic selection – Fleckvieh

In Austria in 2008 the development of a genomic merit index estimation for the Simmental breed was commenced in cooperation with the University of Soil Culture, the working committee for Austrian
Simmental breeders and ZuchtData. The project was awarded financial support by the Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG). In 2010 the partners of the joint merit index estimation in Austria, Bavaria and Baden- Württemberg laid the foundation stone for an efficient genomic merit index estimation for Simmentals with the creation of a joint genotype pool. The estimation of the genomic merit indexes is divided up according to features analogous to the conventional breeding merit index. Until further notice, the genomic merit indexes values will be estimated on a monthly basis (with the exception of January). The system is newly calibrated three times per annum always at the time of the conventional breed merit indexes. Recognition of the genomic merit index by the ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) took place in August 2011.

To transfer the higher safety of among young animals to the corresponding breeding progress, comprehensive adjustments of the
breeding programmes were performed. With regard to the status as of May 2014, there are some 36,000 genotypes of Simmentals in the genomic merit index estimation.

Genomic selection – Braunvieh

With regard to the Braunvieh breed, Austria is
taking part in the international „InterGenomics“ project which is run by INTERBULL in Sweden. In a parallel fashion, in April 2011 the development of a separate evaluation process was begun by the breeding evaluation centres in Germany and Austria. Following the publication of the results of the second test run in August 2011, the process was submitted to INTERBULL in October for validation. Since December 2011, official genomic breeding values have been published in a routine manner. As of April 2014 there are 10,000 genotypes of Braunvieh in the genomic merit index estimation.

Genomic selection – Holstein

With regard to the Holstein breed, a process recognised by the ICAR for genomic merit index estimation has been established since August 2010. It was developed by VIT-Verden.