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Complex fields of research such as the genomic merit index estimation demand international networking and co-operation. ZuchtData is a partner in the EU project Gene2Farm.

On 1 January 2012 the research project „Next Generation European System of Cattle Improvement and Management“ which is co-financed by the EU and known as „Gene2Farm“ for short, was started. A total of
17 partner organisations from ten EU countries are involved in this project of which six are University research institutions. On the part of Austrian cattle breeding, the ZAR is also involved in the shape of ZuchtData GmbH. The project with a duration of four years and an  overall budget of around 4 million euros has as its goal to strengthen
European cattle breeding with regard to international competition as a result of research and development. Thus resequencings among other things among Simmental and Braunvieh cattle should contribute towards the further development of the genomic merit index estimation. Another goal is the development of a genomic merit index estimation which covers various breeds.