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EIP project "Effizienz-Check" (Efficiency Check)

The aim of the project "Effizienz-Check" (Efficiency Check) is to develop a WEB application for dairy farmers to make economic analyses of their own herds and to find ways to improve health and efficiency on their farm.

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Complex fields of research such as the genomic merit index estimation demand international networking and co-operation. ZuchtData is a partner in the EU project Gene2Farm.

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Health Monitoring System for cattle

To satisfy the needs of cattle breeders in the future, in August 2006 the ZAR initiated a health monitoring project for cattle. Cooperation between cattle breeders, the performance tests, veterinary doctors, science, the associations representing the breeders, animal health services and the support of the Federal Ministries allows the recording of the diagnoses made by vets at the farms taking part and the development and performance of management reports and a merit index estimation for health characteristics.

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Monitoring of genetic peculiarities and gene defects

In the preceding year, the progressive monitoring of genetic peculiarities and gene defects was established In close cooperation with our partners involved in joint merit index estimations, the umbrella  organisations of AGÖF, ASR and ARGE Braunvieh and experts from the professorship of veterinary medicine of the TU Munich.

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Young Cattle Breeders Professional

The „young breeding professional“ was elaborated in cooperation with the Austrian Association of Young Breeders (ÖJV), Rural Young Austria (LJÖ) and the Federal Ministry for Agriculture and the Forestry Industry, the Environment and Water Industry (BMLFUW) and was launched in the autumn of 2008. The training includes eight modules with a total of 17 days of training.

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