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Working Groups

The breeding organisations in Austria are organized in working groups according to the breed. Together they work out an Austrian- wide, common breeding program for the respective breed. The benefits of a working group are in discussing issues and working on breed- specific solutions.

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Breeding Organisations

Baumann Fritz

A breeder`s association is a federation of economically and legally independent breeders for the implementation of a breeding program. The individual Associations for cattle breeding are responsible for the breeding programs, consultations and for the organization of the sale of breeding cattle either at auctions or on the farms.

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Provincial Recording Association

The performance controls are organized by control associations. Their tasks are to control performance and provide consultation services. The Provincial Recording Associations are associations, whose members are farms, agricultural chambers and breeding organisations.

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Artificial Insemination Centers

An Artificial Insemination Centre is an institution, where male breeding animals are kept for production, treatment and the storage and delivery of semen for artificial insemination. They have a great importance for the efficient implementation of breeding programs. Today the Insemination Centres or Organisations have the legal form of corporations (GmbH) or similar forms. Insemination centres and breeding organizations are, in organizational terms, closely connected or united.

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Chambers of Agriculture

In Austria the Chambers of Agriculture belong to the public sector of the organization of animal breeding. They assume the main tasks of local, federal and state governments in addition to the compliance, implementation and development of animal breeding specific laws, especially in the administration and granting of subsidies. The representation of interests by the Chambers of Agriculture plays an important role when it comes to the relations between the private and the public sector of the organization of animal breeding.

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Young Cattle Breeders Association

Committed, motivated and forward- oriented- this is what the Austrian Association of Young Breeders, which was founded in the year 2000, stands for. In the meantime the club, whose activities are not geared towards making a profit, has more than 5000 active youngsters between the age of 3 to 30 throughout the whole Austria.

The ÖJV sees itself as an umbrella organisation for all of the young breeders associations; it is independent of the breed and and thus
appreciates all the pertinent specialist tasks which will play an essential role in agriculture in the future. At the same time, the ÖJV represents a contact point in all matters pertaining to young breeders both in Austria and abroad

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Auctioning centres in Austria

At auctioning centres a sale of breeding cattle takes place. In Austria there are 15 auction locations, spread over all provinces (except Vienna).


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