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The Piemontese cattle are medium sized. The cows are light-grey with a dark muzzle and anus as well as a dark vagina. The bulls are darker, especially at the shoulder, at the upper arm and around the eyes and the tail tip. The animals have powerful muscles at the neck, shoulder and haunches and are relatively fine-boned and horned. The calves are born reddish-yellow and their colour changes after a few months.

Piemonteser auf der Weide

Direction of use

Piemontese are a pure beef breed and often double-muscles occur. They are characterized by their high daily weight gain, their good carcass quality and low fat content.

Statistics & Distribution

  • Austria: 500 animals
  • Breed proportion in Austria: 0.03%

Animals of this breed can be found in the western part of Upper Italy, Austria, Germany, Western Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and China. In most countries, sperm is predominantly used for crossbreeding and replacement crossing.


Ø Beef performance:

   Daily weight gain (g)
  200 days 365 days
M 868,8 562
F 1.020,00 887

Control farms (Herds): 3

Height (cm, Ø): 135

Weight (kg, Ø): 700

Animals in control farms: 29

Registered cows: 6

Origin: Piemont (I)


1848: Several cattle breeds were joined together the “Razza Piemontese”