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The Luing cattle are a medium sized, mostly red-brown to dark-brown, and partly even white, red-white speckled beef cattle. Cattle of this breed have white markings. They are long-haired and compact with a deep torso and well- muscled. In addition, this is a horned breed and in some herds one can find polled animals due to crossbreeding with polled breeds.

Direction of use

This breed is suitable for extensive farming also in harsh climates since it is, both robust and undemanding. It is characterized by its excellent fertility, easy calving and by its good breeding performance due to its very good mothering skills and high milk performance. It is long-living and good-natured and has a good meat quality. When crossing with Simmentals, Limousin, Charolais and other breeds, one gets excellent offspring.

Statistics & Distribution

  • Austria: 300 animals
  • Breed proportion in Austria: 0.01%

This breed is represented in the UK, especially in the Highlands of Scotland, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Uruguay. All of these countries have their own breeding organisations. In Germany there are a number of herds and the trend is rising.


Control farms (Herds): 1

Height (cm, Ø): 125

Weight (kg, Ø): 500

Animals in Control farms: 5

Registered cows: 1

Origin: Scotland (GB)


1947: The Cadzow brothers crossed Beef-Shorthorns with Scottish Highlanders, further breeding only within crossbreds, soon there were animals with the typical characteristics

1965: Recognition as an independent breed by the British government