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The Galloway cattle are small to medium framed with long hair and a soft and waxy, dense undercoat. They are black, dun (blond- silver) belted or white. This breed is characterized by its short, broad head, medium length, broad fringed ears, a medium-length neck, edged and high shoulders and a full, deep chest. The haunches should be plump but round haunches are undesirable. Animals of this breed are genetically polled.

Galloway Rind

Direction of use

The Galloway is a beef breed and characterized by its tender and marbled meat of high quality. It is undemanding in terms of feeding and keeping, resistant, peaceable, flexible and has a calm temperament. Because of its, in proportion to body weight, large hoofs, it is well suited to marshy ground and, therefore, for landscape maintenance. Especially in its country of origin, the crossbreeding of Galloway cows with Shorthorn bulls (so- called Blue Greys) is popular.

Statistics & Distribution

  • Austria: 6,900 animals
  • Breed proportion in Austria: 0.35%

This breed is particularly distributed in the U.K. There is a rising demand for these animals in Canada, Argentina and Australia and in Germany Galloway cattle have been on many farms since the early 1970s.


Ø Beef performance:

  Daily weight gain (g)
  200 days 365 days
M 922.8 820.9
F 852.0 761.5

Control farms (Herds): 50

Height (cm, Ø): 120

Weight (kg, Ø): 550

Animals in control farms: 1,018

Registered cows: 338

Origin: Scotland (GB)


Area of origin: This breed originated centuries ago in the region of Galloway in the South West of Scotland. It is considered to be the oldest cattle breed in Great Britain.

In the 16th century the meat quality of Galloways was already mentioned in literature.

17th & 18th century: Polled Galloway cattle are mentioned by some writers, selection on polledness begins

1851: All records of this breed were destroyed in a fire

1853: The first Galloways were exported to North America (Toronto)

1878: Establishment of the breeding society

1879: Publication of the first Galloway Herd Book