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The Aubrac is medium framed, well- muscled and yellow to dark red-brown. The bulls are darker pigmented becoming almost black on the head, neck and front legs. The muzzle is dark and the area surrounding it is hairy and of light colour. The tail tip is black and the horns are light in colour featuring a black tip.

Aubrac Rind
Stephan Hauser

Direction of use

The Aubrac is a dual-purpose beef breed. In addition, this breed is tough and long- living.

Statistics & Distribution

  • Austria: 800 animals
  • Breed proportion in Austria: 0.04%

This breed can be found in France in the Massif Central, the north adjoining areas as well as in several other European countries such as in Germany and Austria.


Ø Beef performance:

   Daily weight gain (g)
  200 days 365 days
M 1 165.8 1 037.3
F 980.7 887.9

Control farms (Herds): 12

Height (cm, Ø): 130

Weight (kg, Ø): 650

Animals in control farms: 281

Registered cows: 94

Origin: Massif Central (F)


16th century: Development of native cattle in the Benedictine monastery of Aubrac in the south western Massif Central in France

19th century: Crossbreeding of Brown Swiss

1888: Determination of breeding guidelines

1893: First Herd Book

1914: Establishment of a breeder`s association

20th century: Significant decrease in the population in France in the second half of the 20th century