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Cattle breeds



Simmental cattle are medium to tall and horned. They have strong bones and muscles. They are spotted and sometimes covered with only a few white markings. The colour varies from light yellow to dark red-brown. The head is white to behind the eyes and the lower part of the legs is also substantially white.

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Brown Swiss


The Brown Swiss are solid brown or grey-brown, medium-sized, medium-weighted and horned cattle. The bulls are usually darker than the cows. The horn tips, the muzzle and the claws are dark pigmented. The area around the muzzle and the eyes is of a lighter colour. The Brown Swiss have a fine skeleton and are well muscled.

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Holsteins are bred in the shades of black-white and red-white. They can also be solid black, red or white coated. The eyes are always surrounded by pigmented skin. In recent years, the proportion of white skin areas and white markings on the head has grown. The body is long and wide and equipped with a characteristic body depth. Holsteins have a fine skeleton, fine limbs, flat bones and they are horned.

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The Pinzgauer cattle are medium to large, horned cattle with a strikingly long torso and a short head. They are chestnut brown with a broad white stripe from the withers down the spine, the back of the thighs and the belly up to the lower chest. The tail is also white. There are white stripes above the lower leg and normally also above the upper arm. Occasionally one can find black-white animals. The muzzle and the hoofs are dark. Animals of this breed have a good depth of the chest and the flank and an outstanding muscling of the thighs.

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Tyrolian Grey Cattle


The Tyrolian Grey Cattle are silver to iron-grey, sometimes brownish-grey, with a black muzzle. Darker colour shades occur in the area of the eyes, neck and shoulders as well as on the outer legs. The areas around the muzzle, the lower torso region, the udder and the inside of the legs are lighter. Bulls are darker and often brightly saddled. Another characteristic of this breed are the dark hooves and horns.

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